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About DEU and Izmir


Department of Computer Engineering, Dokuz Eylul University is located in Buca – Tinaztepe Campus, which is the main campus of DEU. We are specialized on Software branches and Computer Science branches in Computer Engineering. (But also have experienced lecturers in several topics (as Bioinformatics, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Microprocessors, etc.))

You may expect a “practice-based” Computer Engineering Education. Our most powerful characteristic is our project and practice based teaching method, in addition to theoretical lectures. You will find not only theoretical courses, but also assisted laboratory works, projects (work as a team and/or individual) and real-life practices. Our close relationships with companies also supports our teaching efforts.

About DEPARK…(in Turkish 🙁 )

Especially our location supports our mentality. One of the largest Technoparks in Turkey (and one of the fast growing) is in Dokuz Eylul University and 2 buildings of DEPARK is 10 minutes away from our building by walk. (There are more than 100 tech companies…) And BAMBU (Incubation Center of DEPARK) also welcomes students with several entrepreneurship courses and opportunities to establish their startup companies. (Note: Technoparks are the communities, established by universities and R&D companies (or R&D departments of companies))

About Izmir…

As Social Life, DEU and Izmir introduces several things. In DEU, one of the Student Clubs (Cultural, Sports or Vocational) may interest you. In addition, as one of the most developed and open minded cities in Turkey, Izmir will welcome you. (You will find several locations to visit in Turkey, which offer different cultural experiences.)

According to our Agreements, you should register courses for (at least) 30 ECTS and at least 2/3 of these ECTS should be from Department of Computer Engineering for each semester. (You may also register courses from other Departments…) You may find detailed information about Courses in the Course Catalog. But if you need further information (for example about Elective Courses, Weekly programs, etc.), please feel free to contact…

Course Catalog

Please feel free to contact Erasmus Coordinator in your university for further information (They will establish a connection between you and us… ) or visit Web site of our International Relations Office.

See you in Izmir, Turkey…

Some Booklets about…
Student Life in DEU

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