Undergraduate Program Objectives

  • To provide the necessary knowledge and capability of effectively executing all of the phases of Information Systems life cycle.
  • To provide the skill of using accumulated knowledge while converting an idea into a product, with the ability of analysis and modeling.
  • To provide the education of computer engineers that the Information Technology sector needs, who have the ability to work solution-focused, the predisposition to work in a team, the capability to use the modern technologies and communicate effectively.
  • To provide the capability of perceiving Information Technology problems and using the professional knowledge in inter-disciplinary teams.
  • To educate computer engineers who can realize the over-all outcomes of decisions made while executing the profession; respect the ethical values and possess the social concerns.
  • To educate individuals with life-long learning awareness, who have the ability to keep their knowledge up-to-date; to comment, to question and to make research.

Güncel Duyurular