General Info

Undergraduate, Master and PhD programs are provided by Dokuz Eylul University Computer Engineering Department. The language is English for all programs.

The aim of the department is to train Computer Engineers who can lead the developing and structuring IT sector in our country and who can be creative in theoretical and applied fields. The objective of the program is to provide the students with the capability to design, implement and manage computer software and hardware systems. For this purpose, courses in algorithms and programming, data structures, computer architecture, circuit theory and electronics, software engineering, information systems, operating systems, computer networks and database management systems are given.

Students who are successful in their undergraduate programs, may have Double Major Degree Program (DMP) and/or Minor Program in other engineering programs. A diploma in a second branch is given to students who complete a major program, while a certificate in a second branch is given to students who complete a minor program.

Department has been awarded Accreditation Label since 2007 and also EUR-ACE Label for years 2009-2014, by Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs (MUDEK). Since 2010, BOLOGNA Process (European Higher Education Area alignment) has been started for the citizens of the countries within the European Higher Education Area, to provide easy travelling for higher education and working. Since 2011, Diploma Supplement is given to graduating students. The University has received the Diploma Supplement Label and studies are in progress for the ECTS Label.

Through bilateral agreements with high-quality institutions of international reputation, the Department is aiming to increase the knowledge and experience, by supporting the exchange of students and academics. As of 2012, the Department has 9 bilateral agreements for ERASMUS Students and Scholars Exchange Program, and 6 bilateral agreements for FARABI program.

As of 2013, the educational and research activities are maintained with a wide range of academic staff consisting of 3 professors, 8 assistant professors, 5 lecturers and 13 research assistants.

The infrastructure of the department is well equipped. Education is given in the 6 classrooms and 3 presentation rooms in a three-storey building. There is a projector, a computer, and a white board, in every classroom. There are 7 computer laboratories, 1 hardware laboratory in service of the students. Additionally, there are 5 research laboratories next to the academic staff rooms, used in thesis research of graduate students. There is also both wired and wireless network connection available for all students and instructors, in the department.

With consulting faculty members, our students have won first, second and third prize in various competitions like Microsoft Imagine Cup, IBM Software Academy etc., in Turkey.

The department has 4 ongoing Research Groups. These are Natural Language Processing Work Group (, Data Mining Work Group, Security Research Group ( and Multimedia Information Retrieval Work Group (

The department faculty members have publications enlisted in SCI (Science Citation Indexand other edited journals. In addition, they are developing TUBITAK ARDEB and TEYDEB projects. The department has the capability to provide consulting services to every corporation and mainly software companies, in every field of computer sciences. In this context, joint graduation projects which can extend into graduate education with industrial corporations have been started.

The department, which is one of the best computer engineering departments in Turkey; has proved its competence in training computer engineers with the successful results of nationally and internationally accepted graduation projects, and with the fact that its graduates are preferred and looked for engineers in both academic and industrial institutions both at home and abroad.